Monday, October 4, 2010

Senior Shoot {Josh B} | Image Peddler Photography

This was a shoot that I thoroughly enjoyed! Some clients just love being in front of the camera; and the camera sometimes just loves certain clients. I got the best of both worlds with Josh! Josh was a trooper...never cried "Uncle" when I pushed him into situations or poses that made him uncomfortable. I'm always one for trying new locations, requesting my clients to contort their bodies into unnatural poses, and every once-in-awhile risking a limb & my safety in my attempt for that perfect shot. But in the end Josh knew exactly what to do and I simply needed to let him just be himself (which was exactly what the camera wanted). The weather was perfect and the recent frost killed most of the mosquitos. I couldn't be happier with the results (hope Josh enjoyes them as well).'s a sneak peak of Josh's senior pictures. Hard to imagine that this kid is graduating...just last year I was playing on a kickball team with he and his parents and graduation was nowhere in the conversations. How time flies! Enjoy your year Josh...make it worth remembering.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Senior Shoot {Danny K.} | Image Peddler Photography

What a sureal moment...when you take your own son's senior pictures. Here's a sneak peak at the first shoot for Danny; more to come when I am able to talk him into going back outside (the mosquitos were awful that night). Lots of locations I still want to explore and he's normally a willing subject. I also want to get studio shots of him with all his hockey gear (have this vision of an intense black & white of his eyes through his goalie mask). Let's hope my skills match my expectations (wink wink...I'm sure I can pull this off).

This is probably the most emotional shoot I will have all year...this and his graduation day. Seems just like yesterday that I was taking pictures of him getting on the kindergarten bus. Life presents opportunities to us for a reason. My photography business has continued to increase through the word-of-mouth of my wonderful clients just as my free time increases with Danny's independence. By this time next year he'll be in college and I'll be an empty-nester. But until then...I'm going to enjoy every single day that I still have him with me at home. Watch for lots of pictures of Danny this year...need to take'em now while I still have the opportunity. Enjoy!

Senior Shoot {Korey K.} | Image Peddler Photography

And the season has begun...I'm deep into doing Senior shoots and finally completed Korey's over the weekend (after a couple of sneak peaks on FB). Korey is a long-time friend of my son (Danny) through hockey. I have always enjoyed doing senior shoots. Those who know me well know that I truly enjoy working with teens as they are so full of energy and creativity (they are also very opinionated with regards to their "style" and expectations). Senior pictures are not the same today as they were 25 years ago; gone is the formality and stuffiness of the senior pictures of my era. It's not uncommon for a senior to have a multitude of clothing and location changes. It's an opportunity for the senior to be "Prince" or "Princess" for the day and to truly be themselves. Korey deserves a badge of honor for putting up with me for two separate shoots (outside and in studio). Just had to test out all the new locations & photog opportunities around the new area and to test the lighting within the studio. Thanks, Korey, for a wonderful first shoot of the season! Hope you enjoy your pictures.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

DR Horton Model Home | Image Peddler Photography

Another Sunday drive to view model homes with my neighbor, Paula, turned into a beautiful photography opportunity. D.R. Horton has a local development in Chaska that my neighbor has visited previously. There was a new model open and we stopped by for our weekly dose of greed and a case of the "gimmies". Like normal...I had my camera along in the hopes of getting permission to take pictures of the beautifully decorated model.

Enter Ginny Larkin...Sales Representative for D.R. Horton's model home in the Crimson Valley Development. Ginny was gracious enough to grant me permission to shoot but also asked what I'd be doing with the images. "Well...I've always appreciated beautiful interior decorating and gorgeous model homes. I shoot for the joy of shooting and in hopes of breaking into the real estate business". Ginny asked if I'd give her a copy of my images...and a potential relationship has developed. There are two other homes in the development that need shooting....I might have been a little too excited to offer my services (smile). But anyone who knows me well knows that I'll take any opportunity to develop additional skills. If Ginny likes my images, she might even share them with her boss in hopes that I can shoot other homes for their MLS listings. Wish me luck...but regardless, I had a blast.

Listing Information:
4 bedrooms up plus an In-Laws Suite on the main level
Luxury Master Suite (with an absolutely huge walk-in closet)
Gorgeous, spacious gourmet kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances
Main Floor office & Formal Dining Room facing the front of the home

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Shoot {Kelly Jenne'} | Image Peddler Photography

Any night at the studio is a great night! Thrilled...thrilled...thrilled to have gotten a call from Kelly yesterday to second-shoot a session with her. And what a great family to spend my evening with. The weather was wonderful for an August evening; enough breeze to keep things cool and just late enough that we were able to work with the wonderful setting sun and perfect lighting. This was Kelly's shoot...I was just along for the ride. But I always try to take advantage and walk away with something to give my co-op partners for their clients.

When you're don't need to worry so much about capturing the perfect smile or that posed shot. get to be creative and basically shoot whatever catches your fancy. Tonight it was feet. I love some of my inspiring photogs who post the most adorable feet tonight I tried to replicate some locations we've used before at the studio. It's definitely a love/hate relationship...but it's my style. Photography to me is capturing a story...and these images tell a story to me (love the pedi!). Hope you enjoy as well.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wedding Shoot {Linda & Mike - Post 2} | Image Peddler Photography

Editing...and editing...and editing...and having so much fun. I promised to have some pictures posted for Linda & Mike before they headed off on their honeymoon...and I intend to not disappoint. But before I hit the "upload" button and let my computer chug for the next two hours streaming data up to my website...I thought I'd share a couple more storyboards.

Sometimes all it takes is a friendly reminder from a supporting and very persistent friend that photography is an art...and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Why haven't I done solo weddings in the past...I could probably give you a million "excuses". But not again...I'm going to pursue this path with a vengence because I truly enjoy weddings and love interacting with my clients. This is my style...I'm perfecting it as I go along. It's not just's photojournalism (capturing a story; not just moments). In an online chat with a fellow photog whose work inspires me...I asked the question of where she finds her models and fashion shoots...she said to be successful you need to seek them out and create your own opportunities. Touche'...words to live by (and such a simple concept). creating new opportunities and enjoying the path that leads to this new success...Enjoy!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Wedding Shoot {Linda & Mike} | Image Peddler Photography

Wedding shoots...not my typical day taking pictures and enjoying my passion of photography. There is a lot of work and emotions involved in taking pictures for a wedding...especially when one of the individuals getting married is your friend. But it makes me feel very special to have been asked to consider taking their wedding pictures. I declined...I don't pretend to even myself that I've mastered a level of perfection that I'd feel comfortable tackling a wedding by myself. But I offered to second-shoot their wedding as my wedding gift to them. Second-shooting is backing-up the main photographer...both with taking pictures and also assisting wherever assistance is needed.

I love weddings...watching two people in love commit to a lifetime of happiness together. And it's especially beautiful when the two people are melting their previous lives together...into a new life with double the joys. And what a beautiful new family they much love and respect between Linda & Mike, and so much friendship between all the kids. I hope you enjoy the "sneak peak" to what's to come...I'll be uploading many more photos into an on-line gallery for all friends & family to enjoy. God bless you Linda & Mike (and kids). Wishing you a wonderful lifetime together.

Note: Online gallery can be found at:
(Password = Beckman)